Global Environmental Challenges

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Our events are free to enter and are open to primary and secondary school students aged between 9-14 years old. Student teams should be between 4-12 students and can be a mix of different year groups or all the same year.

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Why Eco Meet?

Participants will engage in a unique challenge tailored for school students, which promotes collaboration at a university level. Paired with fellow students, they will be assigned to a company and tasked with addressing a client’s specific environmental concerns. 

Students should aim to produce innovative proposals to tackle pressing environmental issues on our planet. This collaborative effort will require participants to harness their creativity, enhance their communication skills, and employ critical thinking. At the conclusion of the day, these students will present their designs to a panel of judges.

Testimonials from other SSEF Events

"The single most important thing that has ever happened to me. The extent to which I had the experience of a lifetime, learnt unimaginable amounts about engineering and design, and how close the team got over the trip is beyond my wildest dreams."
Kirsty Rodger
UKSDC Participant
"The day is driven by the students themselves rather than being teacher-led, and they will discover in themselves resourcefulness, imagination and team-working ability that is rarely so effectively drawn out. Friendly rivalry between the teams gives the Challenge a tang of competitiveness that the students really enjoy, while judging-feedback is shaped to ensure all students receive positive feedback and affirmation so that, at the end of the day, every individual goes away with enhanced self-confidence and a strong sense of personal fulfilment.”
Bill Richards
Teacher, Galactic Challenge
“Bede’s Challenge was a great experience for all involved. Excellent organisation and the friendly enthusiasm of the students ensured that the day ran really well, with the mixed teams of students, each drawn from a number of different schools, collaborating happily and producing impressive design proposals. There was a real buzz as they researched and refined their ideas and the confidence with which they presented their ideas – and defended them in the face of probing questions from the panel of judges – proved just how much they had gained in both knowledge and confidence from the experience."
Bill Richards
Teacher, Galactic Challenge
“It was truly an unforgettable life changing experience, where we will use the skills and lessons learned for the rest of our careers."
Caroline Swenson
UKSDC Participant

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