About us

Find the steps forward in sustainability

The Eco Meet is an ecology mitigation simulation, crafted for students aged 15-18. Students from multiple schools are asked to form companies and work collaboratively as designers of environmentally-friendly human settlements. It mimics our Space Design competitions but brings the challenge down to Earth. It mimics some of the procurement processes used for the London Olympics (which from 2007 designed and created a microcosm human settlement for a 2012 sports purpose).

We deliver insightful and engaging events that highlight the importance of environmental issues across the globe. In this one-of-a-kind industry simulation, companies are given an environmental problem that requires solving in the forma of a request for proposal (RFP). The task is to come up with a detailed plan and design which they present to a panel of judges from industry, academia and business.

Competing in Eco Meet

Competing in Eco Meet will be a brand new experience for first-time competitors, working as part of a ‘company’ made up of various teams. Visit our challenge overview page for guidance on how to approach the challenge, what to expect, how your company works and understand a request for proposal.

Benefits of Eco Meet

Eco Meet was designed to give students an insight into the real world of business and industry. SSEF’s programmes show students how important it is to be able to work in a team, solve problems, work to deadlines, keep within budgets and communicate effectively.

Learn about our planet

The environmental-based projects aim to contribute to the knowledge of the Earth’s ecology as well as to promote sensitivity to the perils of our planet’s existence.

Work in large teams

Join teams of up to 50 like-minded students with a variety of skillsets from all over the country. Many participants make good friends with their team mates and remain in contact long after the challenge.

Develop new skills

Develop skills and working practices that are almost impossible to gain elsewhere in your education. Strong communication and leadership skills, resilience and organisation are all critical soft skills to have when applying for future roles.

Past students bear testament to the success of our programmes. Besides achieving a host of specific learning objectives, pupils gain other personal benefits.

Bringing Eco Meet to life

Eco Meet is designed by Alison Ahearn, a veteran of UKSDC and a veteran teacher at Imperial College London. Our dedicated team work hard to make EDC programmes successful and a growing host of incredible volunteers, without who our events would not be possible. 

Our parent company

The Space Science Engineering Foundation (SSEF) was set up to foster students’ interest in STEMM through unique industry simulation challenges. The charity runs a variety of programmes for students to apply their knowledge in new scenarios of interest to them whilst learning to adapt to client briefs, collaborate in large teams, and defend their work.