No. You will enter EnviroDC as a team, and you will compete as a team. Companies are formed by merging three or more individual teams together. However, teams that try to retain their cohesion after being placed inside a company typically put themselves (and their colleagues) at a disadvantage. The Challenge is all about teamwork and, while a few anxieties are to be expected at the beginning, most people make fantastic new friends by the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, the Space Science and Engineering Foundation does not have the financial means to provide complimentary transport or additional accommodation, but we will do our best to provide accommodation for those with a long distance to travel to the event. We will also be happy to help teams organise their own transport and accommodation any way we can.

Yes. Parking must be organised well in advance of the event. After you are accepted, please provide us with accurate vehicle registration numbers and the name of the driver as soon as possible. Over the competition weekends, please check local parking information for on road parking. Parking at venues will be provided as available. Please check with the challenge organizers well in advance.

Students will be expected to share with other students from the same and other schools in non-mixed accommodation (up to 4 per room). Supervising adults will be asked to share with one or two other adults of the same gender.

Teachers are welcome to attend any of the briefing sessions but are discouraged from playing an active role in formulation of student designs. Feel free to advise the students when you see them going wrong and to answer any scientific questions they may have, but remember that, ultimately, their design is their design. Independence is a valuable part of the competition experience. A supervisors’ room is made available, and there will be complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day.

No. The RFP is delivered by a special courier and is not available until the day of the Challenge.

Students younger than 14 years are  eligible to take part in the Eco Meet.
Students aged 15 to 18 are encouraged to look at the Environmental Design Challenge.

Yes. Students can add a contact email address/addresses to their team’s application form to which all essential Challenge materials will be forwarded.